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Advanced Pai Gow Poker Strategies

The dealer should never give their opinion when advising a player on how to set their hand because if the hand loses, there’s a possibility that the player will blame the dealer for their loss and demand their money back. If the player asks you how to set their hand, then tell them the house way. This alleviates the dealer, hence the house, of any responsibility if the player loses, at least that’s what the casino lawyers told me. At the end of the hand, when revealing the cards to the cameras, the dealer will make sure that all the cards are spread far away enough from each other that the cameras can see the pips clearly.

The 11 cards that remain may not be exposed to anyone and shall be placed in the discard rack. If the dealer determines the cards were dealt properly, the dealer shall collect any stacks dealt to a position where there was no wager and place them in the discard rack without exposing the cards. A three-of-a-kind containing three cards of the same rank, with three aces being the highest ranking three-of-a-kind and three 2s being the lowest ranking three-of-a-kind. A full house consisting of a three-of-a-kind and a pair, with three aces and two kings being the highest ranking full house and three 2s and two 3s being the lowest ranking full house. A four-of-a-kind consisting of four cards of the same rank, with four aces being the highest ranking four-of-a-kind and four 2s being the lowest ranking four-of-a-kind.

This is true for all no limit poker games including Pai Gow. This is known as the high hand in the world of poker games. If you’re trying to figure out how to deal Pai Gow in a Texas Hold’em game, chances are that you have already played or are a current player of this game. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, here’s a breakdown of how you’ll be dealt your first two hands.

The dealer shall then remove the first cover card and place it on the bottom of the stack. The dealer shall remove one of the cover cards and either place it in the discard rack or use it as an additional cover card to be inserted four cards from the bottom of the deck. The dealer shall then determine the starting position in accordance with subsection and deal the cards in accordance with § 670a.8, § 670a.9 or § 670a.10. One deck of cards shall be shuffled and stored in the automated card shuffling device while the other deck is being used to play the game. Except as provided in subsection , Six-Card Fortune Pai Gow Poker shall be played with one deck of cards that are identical in appearance and two cover cards. The deck of cards used to play Six-Card Fortune Pai Gow Poker must include one joker.

If the decks of cards received at the table are preinspected and preshuffled in accordance with § 603a.16 or (relating to cards; receipt, storage, inspection and removal from use), subsections — do not apply. After receiving one or more decks of cards at the table, the dealer shall inspect the cards for any defects. The floorperson assigned to the table shall verify the inspection. The cards in each deck must be of the same design but the backs of the cards in one deck must be of a different color than the cards in the other deck. A wagering device at each betting position that acknowledges or accepts the placement of the Progressive Payout Wager.

Pai Gow Poker is a seven-card game between the player and the dealer. The dealer gives each player seven cards and from those seven cards, the player then creates two hands to play. One of the two hands will have five cards and the other, only two.

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